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University of Limerick Concert Hall, Foundation Building

Welcome to the August 2015 edition of the newsletter. We hope you enjoy it! A special welcome if you are new to the Alexander Technique mailing list. We will not fill up your inbox as you will be only sent an e-newsletter about 3-4 times a year.

My goal, and my only one, is to help you adjust your inner tempo, so that you do not lose pace with time.   — from 'An Examined Life', by Marjory Barlow

Featured in this issue:

Invitation to the Opening Ceremony of the Alexander Technique Congress 2015

Audience at Alexander Technique Congress

You (and a friend) are invited to
of the
10th International Alexander Technique Congress
Date: Sunday 9th August
Venue: Limerick University Concert Hall, Foundation Building at 7pm prompt
The event will be opened by Jan O’Sullivan TD, Minister for Education and Skills.
There will be a talk by inspirational speaker and author Michael Gelb
and a Concert afterwards.
There will be no charge for mailing list subscribers - print or show this invitation on your mobile device.
For full information please see:

Over 700 people have already registered for the international Alexander Technique Congress which will be held in Limerick, Ireland in 2015.

This Congress will be a place where anyone interested can share the magic of the Alexander Technique. It will give you extra life tools and inspiration to radically strengthen your confidence in yourself. Please come with an open mind, an adventurous spirit, and a sense of humour.

The Congress will take place on the University of Limerick campus, known for its natural beauty, peaceful atmosphere, and sophisticated service. Most participants will sleep, eat, and learn on campus. Exchange rooms and breakout rooms will be available all day long so you can exchange work, chat, or discuss all aspects of the Work to your heart's content. We have set aside special rooms for trainees or newly qualified teachers, where they can work comfortably with others whose experience is similar to their own. We've also planned plenty of top quality entertainment to suit every taste with Irish musicians, a limerick competition, and a gala dinner on the last night.

If you would like to attend more events at the Congress, for people who are not Alexander Teachers or trainees there is a special daily rate of €50 to attend one presentation, or €120 to attend for a day.

For full details of the programme please visit

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Two Alexander Books Back in Print

Mind and Body Stress Relief with the Alexander Technique by Richard Brennan

Mind and Body Stress Relief with the Alexander Technique

As the title suggests this book tells you how to reduce physical, mental and emotional stress. Topics covered include worry, depression, insomnia and panic attacks. It is easy to understand and suitable for those new to the Technique as well as those who have had Alexander Technique lessons. It is the only book to date that primarily deals with how the technique can help emotionally and mentally as well as physically.

F. Matthias Alexander, the progenitor of the technique, developed his unique method not only as a way of improving posture and physical health, but also as a route to freeing people from their 'fixed prejudices' and 'erroneous concepts' which prevent them from being truly happy. Like the great philosophers Socrates, Plato and Hypocrites, Alexander realised that there is an inseparable unity between the body, mind and emotions and he was convinced that mental stress will invariably lead to muscle tension and emotional instability and vice versa. Today, many view the Alexander Technique simply as a way of improving posture or of alleviating back pain. While it can be effective in both these respects, its full potential has still to be discovered by the majority of people.

Illustrated with 21 line drawings. This edition was revised and updated in 2011 and published by the Alexander Technique Centre Ireland in 2015. The new edition includes a summary of important new research reported in the British Medical Journal in 2008, which showed significant long-term benefits of the Alexander Technique to back sufferers. The useful addresses and further reading sections have also been updated with new websites and book titles.

The Alexander Technique: Natural Poise for Health by Richard Brennan

The Alexander Technique: Natural Poise for Health

This is a simple to read introduction to the Alexander Technique and was specifically written for those who know little or nothing about the Technique. The book helps to de-mystify the Technique and give a clear and concise account of what the Alexander can do for you and how it can help a variety of ailments including backache, headaches, asthma, high blood pressure, stress and depression.

A simple account Alexander's discovery and how he devised his technique is included as well as a chapter on how to begin helping yourself, what you can expect from an Alexander lesson and how to find a teacher. A valuable yet inexpensive gift for anyone who could benefit from Alexander lessons yet knows little or nothing about the technique. Illustrated with line drawings.

The new edition, published by the Alexander Technique Centre in 2015, was thoroughly revised and updated throughout in 2013. The useful websites and further reading sections have been updated with new websites and book titles. There are new recommendations in the back pages for chairs, cushions, footwear and desks.

For more information about both books, and to order online, please see our website books page.

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New CD on Breathing

How To Breathe by Richard Brennan

How to Breathe CD by Richard Brennan

Improve your breathing for health, happiness and well-being

Breath is essential for life, but did you know that the way you breathe can be detrimental to your well-being?

Poor posture, stress and muscular tension can all make the 'effortless' act of breathing very hard work with us realizing. And breathing isn't just a physical activity: it influences our mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, too. We breathe more than 20,000 times a day - so make sure you do it as efficiently and effectively as possible.

This CD will show you how to relearn your natural rhythm of breathing to beneficially alter the way you think, feel and act. A series of practical breathing techniques will help you rediscover how to breathe naturally. By applying consciousness to the action of breathing, you can become aware of harmful habits - and alleviate common breathing problems.

This CD can be used most effectively in conjunction with any of Richard Brennan's books.


  1. Introduction
  2. The movement of the breath
  3. Releasing muscular tension
  4. Extending the out-breath
  5. The 'So Hum' technique
  6. Whispered 'ah'

Total running time: Approx 40 minutes.

For more information about the CD, and to order online, please see our website here.

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Workshop over 4 days with Wolfgang Weiser, Sweden, October 13th - 16th

'The ABC Alexander Technique Workshop'

Wolfgang Weiser, Alexander Technique teacher

The ABC workshop is based on the contents of:
A – Anatomy, function and design
B – Balance experience, balance work, balance art
C - Circus skills and new ways of movement

After his last two very successful visits the Alexander Centre is delighted to welcome Wolfgang back for another fun-filled week of learning! This will be a practical workshop providing you with a number of unusual activities. As a follow up, regarding the abilities of participants, we will explore balancing on the floor, on the balance board or on the tightrope. We will also work with juggling and other physical-thinking activities. Participants will gain new ideas and experience about their balance, habits, co-ordination and movement. The basic idea is to use unfamiliar activities to give the participants a chance to work with the Alexander Technique as psycho-physical education.

About Wolfgang Weiser

Wolfgang trained in England and Germany between 1993 and 1997. He is an internationally-recognised AT teacher and has taught the AT at the Theatre University of Stockholm and worked with dancers and musicians all over Sweden, including the Dance and Theatre Festival in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Prior experience includes working as a performer, actor, dancer and juggler since 1984. He also holds a BA in education in theatre and is researching movement formation in educational science as well running a residence project on the Island of Gotland called 'Vibrationplant', where he gives summer courses with Trish Hemingway.

Course Details

Dates: Tuesday 13th - Friday 16th October 2015
Times: Tuesday - Thursday: 10.00 am – 4.30 pm each day; Friday: 9am - 12pm
Venue: The Alexander Training College, Moycullen, Co. Galway
Cost: €195
Suitable for: those with some experience of AT
To Book: Please contact Richard Brennan on 091 555800 or email

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Advanced Weekend Workshop with Wolfgang Weiser, Sweden, October 17th - 18th

Professional Development course for Alexander teachers and trainees

Wolfgang Weiser, Alexander Technique teacher

Dates: Saturday 17th - Sunday 18th October 2015
Times: 10.30 am – 4.30 pm each day
Venue: The Alexander Training College, Moycullen, Co. Galway
Cost: €150
Suitable for: Alexander teachers and trainees
To Book: Please contact Richard Brennan on 091 555800 or email

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Open Week at the Training College in Galway, November 10th - 13th (free)

Informal group at Alexander Technique Training Centre, Galway, Ireland

If you have ever considered doing further training in the Alexander Technique, either for you own personal interest, or with a view to becoming a teacher of the Alexander Technique, then you may be interested in the Open Week at the college. During this week people can come to the college for a day or a week and join in on the sessions.

This week is completely free to those who have never been to the college before, and half price (€95) to those who have visited before.

It is open to all those who have already had some lessons or who have been to an introductory workshop.

Please Note: The training course is also open to those who enjoy learning the technique in a group. You are welcome to join the training course for a week that suits you. You will receive an individual session as well as join in group sessions on various subjects including standing, walking, sitting and breathing.

Please see for more information about the training. To book a place please call 091 555800 or email

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Training Course News

Ever thought of becoming an Alexander teacher? To find out more about this very rewarding career please go to


There are two places available on the Alexander Technique Training Course, starting in September, and one place in January. You can apply for either term anytime.

Visiting the Training Course

Informal group at Alexander Technique Training Centre, Galway, Ireland

Although primarily the Training Course is for those who wish to train to become Alexander Technique teachers, we do welcome those who wish to visit for a day, a week or even a whole term to improve their own understanding of the Technique. Anyone who is thinking of training to be a teacher is welcome to visit during the Open Week or any other week by arrangement.

For further information see or contact the Centre on 091 555800.


Autumn Term 2015

Start and end of term: Tuesday 15th September – Thursday 3rd December
Mid-term break: 26th - 30th October

Course hours: Tues 2.30–6.30pm, Weds 9.30am–4pm, Thurs 9.30am–1.30pm, Fri 9–11am

For full details please visit:

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Three month Postgraduate Diploma Course starting in September 2015 in Galway

Anyone who has completed a 3 year Alexander Technique teacher training course is welcome to apply. The course will include one hands-on lesson each day for yourself; working with people who have had little or no experience of the technique; how to start and sustain a successful practice teaching the Alexander Technique; and many other related topics such as neuroscience and how to read MRI reports.

Cost: €995

Please contact Richard for full details 091 555800 or email

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Short Courses with Richard Brennan

Richard Brennan, director of Alexander Technique Centre, Galway, Ireland

Forthcoming Introductory and Intermediate short courses led by Richard Brennan are given below. Please note that you are also welcome to visit the college for intermediate training.

For booking information and further details, please visit our short courses page.

The Three Towers, Slieve Aughty Centre, Kylebrack West, Loughrea, Co Galway
4th October 2015
Back In Balance: One Day Introductory Workshop

Lavistown House, Centre for Creative Living, Lavistown, Kilkenny
10th - 11th October 2015
Change Your Posture, Change Your Life: An Introduction to the Alexander Technique: Weekend Introductory Workshop

Esker Retreat Centre, Athenry, Co Galway
23rd - 25th October 2015
Back In Balance: Residential Weekend Workshop
€165 (€90 non-residential)

Emmaus Centre, Lissenhall, Swords, Co Dublin
7th - 8th November 2015
Back In Balance: Residential Weekend Workshop
€190 (non residential €140)

National University of Ireland (Adult Education), Galway
28th November + 5th December 2015
Change Your Posture, Change Your Life: Two day introductory workshop

Cortijo Romero, Orgiva, Granada, Spain
30th July - 6th August 2016
Change Your Posture, Change Your Life:
Residential week-long workshop in a beautiful holiday centre in southern Spain

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