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Happy New Year, and welcome to the January 2016 edition of the newsletter. We hope you enjoy it! A special welcome if you are new to the Alexander Technique mailing list. We will not fill up your inbox as you will be only sent an e-newsletter about 3-4 times a year.

Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.
  — Lao-tzu

Featured in this issue:

Registration Now Open for the International Alexander Technique Teachers Convention in Dublin in 2017

Participants at the International Alexander Technique Convention in Dublin, 2013

Come and join us at the 2nd International Alexander Technique Convention in Dublin in 2017!

This meeting offers the worldwide community of Alexander teachers (and final year students) the opportunity to enjoy the work of seven unique teachers of the Alexander Technique as well as to engage in sharing their own knowledge with colleagues from around the globe.

The Convention is designed to deepen your understanding and advance your teaching and communication skills to empower you in taking Alexander's principles forward into the future without losing the essence of the Work. The structure of this week-long convention includes daily workshops, open-minded discussions, work exchanges and networking opportunities which will foster a sense of community, sharing, laughter and integration of learning.

After a very successful convention in 2013 we will build on the wave of enthusiasm that was created. We aim to have 100 Alexander teachers (and final year trainees) from all over the planet to continue to find new ways of learning and understanding the Technique.

Throughout the week there will be workshops, talks and discussions led by some of the world's most experienced Alexander Teachers. Many of the workshop presenters are very experienced either directing, co-directing or moderating teacher training, or regularly leading post-graduate training. They have been picked because their teaching is lively and inspiring.

The Convention will take place in a peaceful conference centre where most of the participants will sleep, eat and learn under one roof over 7 days. This means the exchange room and breakout rooms never close so you can exchange work, chat or discuss all aspects of the Work to your heart's content without being disturbed. We aim to give you extra teaching tools and inspiration that will radically strengthen your confidence in the way you teach. The only requirements are an open mind, an adventurous spirit, and a sense of humour!

For full details of the programme and early bird discount registration please visit

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Special Offer: Free Alexander Technique CD with every book order

Up to April 1st 2016 we are giving away a free CD with every book you order (worth €17). The books include:

Back In Balance Change Your Posture, Change Your Life The Alexander Technique Workbook The Alexander Technique Manual Mind and Body Stress Relief with the Alexander Technique The Alexander Technique: Natural Poise for Health
  • Back In Balance
  • Change Your Posture, Change Your Life
  • The Alexander Technique Workbook - 2011 Edition
  • The Alexander Technique Manual
  • Mind & Body Stress Relief with the Alexander Technique
  • The Alexander Technique - Natural Poise for Health

To redeem this offer please go to, choose and order a book, then forward your Paypal book order confirmation to, quoting the free CD offer.

This CD is the perfect accompaniment to any of the Alexander Technique books. It lasts for 40 minutes and talks you through a simple procedure that helps you let go of unwanted muscle tension. This will improve your breathing and posture, and in turn can prevent or relieve backache, neck-ache, headaches and stress. It is designed to be used over and over again, benefiting you each time it is played. More details here →

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Workshop with Jeando Masoero (from France), February 9th - 11th

'Understanding Verbal Directions'

This workshop is a complete lesson of STS – sit to stand without hands on. All levels of Alexander Technique learners are invited. You will learn to provide a student with the conscious guidance and control needed to stand at any point without ever pushing him- or herself out of a chair, or to sit without losing control of the movement or of the central axis (head-neck-torso). The outcome of the lesson should be the possibility to stand in complete non-doing and perfect control. The means whereby this co-ordination can be achieved will include:

  • A new conception of the act, i.e. a geometrical representation of the essential relations of coordinated support and antagonistic action
  • Self-speech orders of various dynamic adjustments of the torso
  • A procedure of co-ordination of these orders that will enable the volunteer to emulate the new conception of the act.

About Jeando Masoero

Jeando Masoero, Alexander Technique teacher

Born in 1959, Jeando studied Maths and Technic, which gave him a strong liking for reasoning and solving problems. By 1986, he was running his own communications company, helping French high tech companies translate scientific concepts into plain ideas.

His interest in the Technique arose in 1980 through reading a scientific paper by a dental surgeon who recommended it as a 'unique solution to the coordination problem'. He subsequently ordered FM's books. In 1992, he moved to England to study with Ray Evans and Ron Coyler (qualifying in 1997), assisting Ray Evans for three more years. During this time Jeando translated and published FM's four books into French. In 2006, He started a training course in southern France and continued to devote his time building a scientific understanding of Alexander's writing and developing psycho-mechanical procedures for working with people with severe psychophysical handicaps (ASD, DCD, epilepsy, brain injuries) and with or without verbal language. Three scientists who influenced his work were LS Vygotsky (pedagogy, methodology), AR Luria (Neuro-psychology) and NA Bernstein (bio-mechanics). Due to this work, his teaching has been transformed.

Course Details

Dates: Tuesday 9th - Thursday 11th October 2016
Times: 10 am – 4 pm
Venue: The Alexander Training College, Moycullen, Co. Galway
Cost: €195 for three days or €75 for one day
Suitable for: Alexander teachers, trainees and anyone who has had 20 or more private Alexander lessons
To Book: Please contact Richard Brennan on 091 555800 or email

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Training Course News

Graduation at the Alexander Technique Centre in Galway, Ireland, December 2016

Three new Teachers Graduate from the training course

Big congratulations to Radek Butas, Felicia Gaus Woollen and Doireann Carney who graduated on the 2nd of December. Doirean and Radek will still be in Galway while Felicia has returned to Delaware in the USA. It has been great to have them all on the course for three years. We sincerely wish them all lots of luck for the future.


Ever thought of becoming an Alexander teacher? To find out more about this very rewarding career please go to

There are two places available on the Alexander Technique Training Course, starting in January, and another two places coming up in April. You can apply for either term anytime.

Informal group at Alexander Technique Training Centre, Galway, Ireland

Please note: The training course is also open to those who enjoy learning the technique in a group. You are welcome to join the training course for a week that suits you. You will receive an individual session as well as join in group sessions on various subjects including standing, walking, sitting and breathing.

Visiting the Training Course

Although primarily the Training Course is for those who wish to train to become Alexander Technique teachers, we do welcome those who wish to visit for a day, a week or even a whole term to improve their own understanding of the Technique.

For further information see or contact the Centre on 091 555800.


Spring Term 2016

Start and end of term: Tuesday 5th January – Thursday 17th March
Mid-term break: 15th - 22nd February

Summer Term 2016

Start and end of term: Tuesday 12th April – Thursday 16th June
Mid-term break: 16th - 23rd May

Autumn Term 2016

Start and end of term: Tuesday 13th September – Thursday 1st December
Mid-term break: 24th - 31st October

Course hours: Tues 2.30–6.30pm, Weds 9.30am–4pm, Thurs 9.30am–1.30pm, Fri 9–12 noon

For full details please visit:

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New: Performance Week at the Training College in Galway, 1st - 4th March (free)

Musicians and Alexander Technique practioners, Ireland

During performance week actors, singers, musicians or those involved in public speaking may come free of charge to explore how the technique can improve performance. Any performers are welcome to apply.

Performance weeks will replace the former 'open weeks', but anyone thinking of training to be a teacher, or interested in learning more about the Alexander Technique in a group situation, is welcome to visit most weeks - but please book first. The free visit offer is open to all those who have already had some lessons, or who have been to an introductory workshop, and have not visited the training course previously.

There are a limited number of places so early booking is recommended. Please see for more information about the training. To book a place please call 091 555800 or email

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One Year Postgraduate Diploma Course in Galway

Anyone who has completed a 3 year Alexander Technique teacher training course is welcome to apply. The course will include one hands-on lesson each day for yourself; working with people who have had little or no experience of the technique; how to start and sustain a successful practice teaching the Alexander Technique; and many other related topics such as neuroscience and how to read MRI reports.

Anyone may join for any amount of time, but those who complete the one year course will receive a postgraduate diploma from the Alexander Technique Centre.

Please contact Richard for full details 091 555800 or email

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Short Courses with Richard Brennan

Richard Brennan, director of Alexander Technique Centre, Galway, Ireland

Forthcoming Introductory and Intermediate short courses led by Richard Brennan are given below.

For booking information and further details about the short courses below, please visit our short courses page. Please note that you are also welcome to visit the college for intermediate training.

Esker Retreat Centre, Athenry, Co Galway
19th - 21st February 2016
Back In Balance: Residential Weekend Workshop
€165 (€90 non-residential)

Emmaus Centre, Lissenhall, Swords, Co Dublin
27th - 28th February 2016
Change Your Posture, Change Your Life: Residential Weekend Workshop
€195 (non residential €145)

Emmaus Centre, Lissenhall, Swords, Co Dublin
6th - 10th June 2016
Alexander Technique Immersion: Residential Five Day Course

Cortijo Romero, Orgiva, Granada, Spain
30th July - 6th August 2016
Change Your Posture, Change Your Life:
Residential week-long workshop in a beautiful holiday centre in southern Spain

National University of Ireland (Adult Education), Galway
8th + 15th October 2016
Change Your Posture, Change Your Life: Two day introductory workshop

Esker Retreat Centre, Athenry, Co Galway
21st - 23rd October 2016
Back In Balance: Residential Weekend Workshop
€165 (€90 non-residential)

Emmaus Centre, Lissenhall, Swords, Co Dublin
5th - 6th November 2016
Back In Balance: Residential Weekend Workshop
€190 (non residential €140)

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