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The Alexander Technique Audio CD, MP3 and Cassette

This CD, MP3 or audio-cassette is the perfect accompaniment to any of the books by Richard Brennan. You will be given clear and concise instructions on how to release unwanted muscular tension. One of the best resting positions for the body is to lie on your back with your head supported and the knees bent. This is because as you release tension you will gradually make greater contact with the ground which can give relief from pain or discomfort.

There are two tracks, lasting for about 20 minutes each. You will be talked through a simple procedure that helps you let go of unwanted muscle tension while lying down. Doing this can prevent or relieve backache, neck-ache, headaches and stress. It can also help improve your breathing and posture. This audio has been designed to be used over and over again, for you to receive benefit each time it is played.

Woman lying down in the way recommended by the Alexander Technique

The first track is for those new to the technique and there is plenty of time between instructions; the second track is for those who are more experienced at letting go of tension, and provides more detailed instructions.

This CD/MP3/tape will help you to:

  • Eliminate unwanted tension
  • Prevent or relieve back pain
  • Improve your breathing
  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Clear your mind from unwanted thoughts
  • Practice the two Alexander principles of Inhibition and Direction
  • Stay in the present moment

Total running time: Approx 40 minutes.

MP3 files are encoded at a constant bitrate of 56Kbps, in stereo. This provides sufficient quality for the voice and gentle background music, while keeping file sizes down to a manageable 8Mb each.

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