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How Can the Alexander Technique Help?

Relieve Back Pain

Learn to release tension by moving in new ways

Back pain is an extremely common complaint, yet it is not easily treated medically. Poor posture, muscle tension and bad habits all contribute. »

Person with low back pain

Improve Posture

How to regain a natural, healthy posture

Put less pressure on your body as you learn new ways of sitting, standing and moving. The importance of freeing up the head, neck and back. »

Girl picking up an object with good posture

Relieve Stress

Causes, effects and relief of stress

When stressed, the whole physical, mental and emotional system is under constant 'red-alert', causing chronic worry, exhaustion & more. »

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Improve Sports Performance

Increase performance & avoid injury

The Alexander Technique has helped all kinds of sportsmen and women, both at amateur levels and in training for high-pressure competitions. »

John McEnroe, tennis champion, playing a shot

For Pregnancy

Benefits of the Technique for pregnant women

The harmful effects of poor postural habits are often exacerbated during pregnancy & childbirth. Taking Alexander lessons can avoid this. »

Belly of a pregnant woman

For Actors and Musicians

Enhance performance & avoid strain & nerves

The Technique is very popular with musicians and actors for improving balance, posture, co-ordination and confidence while performing. »

Harpist being guided by an Alexander Technique teacher

Children and Education

Childrens' natural poise & why this deteriorates

How we ruin our children's posture with school and chairs and enforcement of rigid rules. The roots of poor posture are often found in childhood. »

FM Alexander with children at school

Voice & Breathing

We unconciously interfere with natural breathing

Efficient and beneficial breathing is an integral part of good posture, a clear mind, and using your body in the way it was designed to be used. »

X-ray of head, shoulders and chest, showing lungs