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Wedge-Shaped Posture Cushions

Adult Cushion: Price (inc Shipping): To Ireland €50; UK/Europe €55; Rest of World €60
Child Cushion: Price (inc Shipping): To Ireland €45; UK/Europe €50; Rest of World €55

The backward-sloping chair causes poor posture for this girl

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The Wedge Shaped Posture Cushion is designed to rectify the damage to posture caused by commonly-found backward sloping chairs and car seats.

The special wedge shape instantly turns most chairs into flat or slightly forward-sloping chairs. In some cases this can relieve back pain and discomfort immediately. It is beneficial when working at a computer, writing, eating meals, driving, or at school.

Girl using wedge-shaped posture cushion benefits from improved posture

People in developed countries typically spend many hours each day sitting in chairs, and these often slope backwards. These two facts combined together contribute a great deal to the high incidence of back pain.

The black cover is easy to clean and removable for washing. Approximate cushion dimensions: Adult length 35cm, width 34.7cm; Child length 31.3cm, width 30.3cm. Wedge at thickest end is 6.7cm in both sizes of cushion. Child cushion is suitable for most school chairs up to the age of about nine years, after which children can use the adult cushion.

The Wedge Shaped Posture Cushion helps to restores the spine's natural shape and helps to prevent further damage to your back by removing excessive pressure on the spine. The wedge-shaped design encourages the movement of the hip joints, enabling you to keep your spine aligned and reduces pressure on the lower vertebral discs.

Man in car seat with very poor posture

Unlike other wedge shapes cushions the foam is very firm so it can support your weight, thereby giving your pelvis and back the support they need when working on a computer, driving, or for most other active sitting positions.

Man using wedge-shaped posture cushion in car benefits from improved posture

In summary, wedge shape posture cushions promote improved sitting posture whilst relieving painful pressure on the lower back. Once you have become accustomed to this new way of sitting you will find that you can sit for longer periods with greater ease and comfort.

Please note: The wedge cushion alone may not be sufficient to eradicate pain if your posture has already been compromised over a long period. A series of Alexander Technique lessons is definitely recommended in this case. Also, the cushion is not designed for use with sofas or other soft chairs.