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Books by Richard Brennan

Easy to read Alexander Technique books & eBooks

Illustrated introductory books about the Alexander Technique, stress and posture. Each book described in detail and available to order online. »

Books by Richard Brennan

Wedge-shaped Posture Cushions

Restore the spine's natural shape when sitting

The wedge shaped posture cushion is designed to rectify the damage to posture caused by commonly-found backward sloping chairs and car seats. »

Wedge-shaped posture cushion

Alexander Technique CDs / MP3s

Two audio tracks to help you release tension.

You will be talked through a simple way to help you let go of unwanted muscle tension while lying down in a position of optimum rest for the back. »

Picture of CD

Recommended Chairs and Stools

Endorsed by Richard Brennan, made in Ireland

Fully adjustable chairs and stools that - crucially - can be adjusted to tilt forwards, supporting the pelvis and therefore the spine. »

Backless ergonomic chair

Gift Vouchers

Give the gift of the Alexander Technique

Vouchers from the Alexander Technique Centre can be redeemed against lessons, courses, books, audio, cushions or chairs. »

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