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Ireland's only Alexander Technique Teacher Training Course

Approved Three Year Training Programme for Alexander Technique Teachers

Outside view of Kirkullen Lodge

This Alexander Technique Training Programme is the first and still the only one in Ireland. The college was set up in 1998 and is now approved by the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, STAT, and the Irish Society of Alexander Technique Teachers, ISATT. The Director of Training is Richard Brennan, and the Assistant Director is Glenna Batson.

Inside view of the College

It has two aims: firstly, to train Alexander Technique teachers by providing the required three year course, and secondly, to provide an opportunity to those who benefit from the Technique to visit for shorter periods to deepen their understanding of it, without necessarily qualifying to be a teacher.

Full details and testimonials are available on the college website, www.alexandertechniqueireland.com.

You are Welcome to Visit for Intermediate Training

Training session inside the Alexander Technique College

While the Training Course is primarily designed to take people over three years to a level where they can teach the Alexander Technique to others, every term there are certain teaching weeks that are suitable for people who have been to an introductory course or have had some individual lessons, and who wish to just extend their knowledge and experience of the Technique. We also hold free 'Open Weeks' regularly - please enquire. In addition, every term some of the best Alexander teachers from around the world visit the training course to give special training, and there are a limited number of places for visitors to attend. Please contact us for details.

Post Graduate Training for Alexander Technique Teachers

Special training weeks for people who have already qualified as Alexander teachers are held regularly at the Centre. You will have a chance to work with some of the most experienced Alexander teachers in the world, such as Giora Pinkas, Vivien Mackie, Rosa Luisa Rossi, Glenna Batson, Anne Battye, Trisha Hemingway and others who regularly visit the Centre. If you are a trained Alexander teacher and wish to gain more experience, more confidence, more connections, or learn new skills, please contact us for details.


Best three years of my life, special place, special people. Learnt more than I ever expected, the course is simply life changing. As a job it is also one of the most rewarding, to see people change over a course of lessons or on a weekend workshop is very special.
Martina Maloney, former student, now a practicing teacher in Kilbeggan

For more testimonials, please visit www.alexandertechniqueireland.com/testimonials.html.

How to Apply

Download the Course Description and Application Form, below.

Information for Download

If you'd prefer us to send you printed copies of the above, please contact us.

A Note on Finance

The St Anthony's and Claddagh Credit Union have agreed that Students of The Alexander Technique Centre are entitled to a low interest student loan. Please contact us for details.

Foreign Students welcome

For students who live outside the EU please contact the centre for details about visas.