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The Alexander Technique - Natural Poise for Health (eBook)

About eBook Formats

This eBook is available in two formats:

  • epub - this is the de facto industry standard for ebooks and can be read by most ereaders. Please see www.epubbooks.com/blog/what-is-epub for more details.
  • Amazon Kindle format - the Kindle does not read epub files so if you have one, be sure to choose the Amazon Kindle format when you place your order.

About the 2013 eBook Edition

The new edition has been thoroughly revised and updated throughout. The useful websites and further reading sections have been updated with new websites and book titles. There are new recommendations in the back pages for chairs, cushions, footwear and desks.

About the book

This is a simple to read introduction to the Alexander Technique and was specifically written for those who know little or nothing about the Technique. The book helps to de-mystify the Technique and give a clear and concise account of what the Alexander can do for you and how it can help a variety of ailments including backache, headaches, asthma, high blood pressure, stress and depression.

A simple account Alexander's discovery and how he devised his technique is included as well as a chapter on how to begin helping yourself, what you can expect from an Alexander lesson and how to find a teacher. A valuable, yet inexpensive gift for anyone who could benefit from Alexander lessons yet knows little or nothing about the technique. Illustrated with line drawings.

Topics include:

  • How the Technique came about
  • What to expect from an Alexander lesson
  • How you can help yourself
  • How to find a teacher

Chapter titles include:

  • Introduction
  • What is the Alexander Technique
  • The History of the Alexander Technique
  • What Can the Technique Do For You
  • How Does the Alexander Technique Work
  • Helping Ourselves
  • Practical Exercises
  • Taking it Further
  • Useful Addresses
  • Further Reading


She Magazine

"If aches and pains are the bane of your life, this book is a good starting point for helping to improve your posture."

The London Connection

"I have to admit that I have not been clear about what the Alexander Technique really is, but now, having read this book, I am. It is a book that is obviously written by someone whose primary intention is to set out as clearly and practically as possible the whole origin and meaning of the Technique. There is a very interesting section which tells us how Alexander created the technique in order to overcome personal pain and difficulty and the writer goes on to explain how the admixture of understanding, awareness and technique can work hand in hand to give us a fresh and healing way to experience our bodies. The writer deals with such difficulties as backache, hypertension, migraine, asthma, arthritis, depression, breathing and voice; this is followed by an interesting collection of case histories. The part of the book which explains exactly what the Alexander Technique is, is excellently put together and leads the reader through easily and interestingly towards a clear and uncluttered view of the whole. There are many good illustrations throughout and it is rich in suggestion and advice on the difficulties and habits, which may need to be overcome. Addresses of various societies, colleges and organizations are also given at the end of the book."

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