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Change Your Posture, Change Your Life

Change Your Posture, Change Your Life analyses the origin of poor posture and how the Alexander Technique can help to restore good posture naturally. In chapters ranging from 'The Secret Key to Good Posture' and 'The Hidden Obstacle to Improving Posture' to 'Your Inner Acrobat' and 'First Steps in Releasing Muscle Tension', Richard Brennan examines in detail how the technique works and how it can benefit everyone, young and old.

This book will appeal to the many millions of parents and teachers who are increasingly concerned about the rapid deterioration in the posture of their children, who are frequently hunched over desks and computers, as well as their own posture. It will also be of great value to doctors, consultants and physiotherapists, who already realise that posture is a crucial factor in many healthcare issues. It will also interest those involved in physical education including yoga. pilates, all types of sports and the martial arts.

And last but not least, the book will be of priceless value to all those who suffer from a wide range of muscular-skeletal problems, including arthritis, backache, neck problems, breathing problems and headaches, as well as a whole range of other common ailments. With more and more people becoming aware of the role that good posture plays in treating ill health, this is the perfect introduction to implementing its benefits into your own life.


"Richard Brennan has written a lucid, well illustrated and intelligent book on the Alexander Technique. A valuable contribution for those who desire a life of greater ease and less discomfort."
- Jack Stern MD PhD, Spinal Neurosurgeon, Dept of Neurosurgery, Yale School of Medicine

"Richard Brennan takes the reader through a step-by-step process of the Alexander Technique as a means of discovering both the cause of faulty posture and a route relief of pain and dysfunction."
- Dr Glenna Batson , PT, ScD (neurology)

"Change Your Posture – Change Your Life is a beautifully lucid explanation of one of the most important approaches of our age to self-healing and optimum functioning."
- Ingrid Bacci, PhD, author of The Effortless Art of Living


Watkins Publishing (5 Jan 2012)


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 Alexander Technique – The Benefits
  • Chapter 2 Origin of the Technique
  • Chapter 3 The Development of the Technique
  • Chapter 4 How the Alexander Technique Works
  • Chapter 5 Understanding Posture
  • Chapter 6 Posture and Education
  • Chapter 7 The Secret Key to Good Posture
  • Chapter 8 The effects of Furniture on Posture
  • Chapter 9 The Hidden Obstacle to Improving Posture
  • Chapter 10 Your Inner Acrobat
  • Chapter 11 Inside Yourself
  • Chapter 12 Posture and Shoes
  • Chapter 13 First Steps in Releasing Muscle Tension
  • Chapter 14 Posture and Breathing
  • Chapter 15 Bringing Your Life Back Into Balance
  • Glossary
  • Index

192 pages. Black and white photographs.

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