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Stress - the Alternative Solution

This is a general book on how to eliminate stress in your life. It explains exactly what stress is and how to recognise it. The book advises of various alternative therapies and complementary medicines that can help to keep stress at bay during the rush and bustle of modern day living. There are also sections on meditation, visualisation and breathing, techniques that help to calm the mind and free the body. 160 pages Illustrated with line drawings.

This book will help you to:

  • Increase your self confidence
  • Release muscular tension
  • Calm your mind
  • Improve breathing
  • Alleviate symptoms of depression
  • Rebuild your emotional health

Chapter titles include:

  • Introduction
  • Recognising Stress
  • Reducing Stress
  • Breathing
  • Meditation and Visualisation
  • Transforming your Lifestyle and Living Environment
  • Physical Exercise
    • The Feldenkrais method
    • Hatha Yoga
    • T'ai Chi
    • Qi Gong
  • Alternative Therapies
    • Acupuncture
    • The Alexander Technique
    • Aromatherapy
    • Chiropractic
    • Hypnotherapy
    • Osteopathy
    • Reflexology
    • Shiatsu
  • Complementary Medicine
    • Bach Flower Remedies
    • Chinese Herbal Medicine
    • Herbal Medicine
    • Homeopathy
  • Affirming Yourself
  • Useful Addresses
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